Crossy Road: unlock cheats, tips, tricks and secret characters

Crossy Road has evolved in a very short time become one of the most popular Android games. Who is Crossy Road expire, is certainly always looking for tips, tricks, cheats and new characters. Here you will find it! New case: How your unlock the secret Crossy-road character Clyde – Description Currently, there in the field Secret Characters in Crossy Road unlock.

Crossy road hack tips and tricks

Advice for Beginners

  • Only no hassle! Anyone who is unsure at one point, should first keep the traffic in mind and memorize the rhythm of vehicles accurately.
  • Who does not get further in one place, should return to a safe point and embark from there another route.
  • Tried as close chase to a car, so as to have more time for a transition.
  • Oriented you best in the middle of the pitch, because you have the best overview of what is happening here.

Unlock Secret Characters in Crossy Road

Secret Unlock Pac-Man characters

  • Clyde: unlock the hidden Crossy-road character Clyde, is actually very simple: Play as Pac-Man and eat a white power pill. Thus, the ghosts turn into ghosts blue and you can eat them. To unlock the hidden now Crossy-road character Clyde, you have quick succession eat seven blue ghosts. Is this done, you can select your Clyde in the next round.
  • Pinky: To unlock the hidden Crossy-road character Pinky, you have to play as Pac-Chicken and look for a red cherry on the lookout. If you find her, you must then just die already and you can play in Crossy Road as one of the Pac-Man ghosts.
  • Inky: So that you can play with the hidden Crossy-road character Inky, first selects Pac-Man as a character. With him it is a highscore of 2500 points in the Pac-Man game mode to achieve. This score has been reached, the yellow wolverine must simply die. Then you can select the hidden Pac-Man Ghost Inky in Crossy Road.

Unlock Secret Characters

  • Jughead: So that you can select the hidden Crossy-road character Jughead, you must play as Archie – Can you unlock by Archie update. Then Look for burgers out. If you see one, jumps on top of him. You have to collect a total of 30, to select the hidden Crossy-road character Jughead after your death.
  • Pro Gamer: To unlock the secret Crossy-road character Pro Gamer, you have a Korean character to play. Then reaches a running score (upper left) of more than 90. If you die, you can hide the filter cross-road character Pro Gamer then.
  • Red Telephone Box: To unlock the secret character, or hidden item in Crossy Road, you must as a UK-character play and simply continue your path in Crossy Road. When you hear a phone sound, you’re getting close and after a few minutes you should find the hidden character. If you have the red telephone box found, you must just die and then you can the secret nature in Crossy Road Select.
  • Leprechaun: To unlock the secret Crossy-road character Leprechaun must play her as a UK-character. Then Look for a four-leaf clover out and collect it. After you died, you can then play as Lebrechaun in Crossy Road.
  • Rugby Player: Play as one of the UK-characters and look for a rugby ball out. If you retrieve it, you can later as the secret character “rugby player” in Crossy Road play.
  • Nessie: To unlock the Loch in Crossy, you have to play as a UK-character. Then pay attention to rivers, with a little luck appeared there on Nessie. Then jump on the monster to unlock this secret character in Crossy Road by.
  • Michael Boom: This new character in Crosy Road stands by Archie update. Play as one of the new characters and look for a truck out, which transports a rocket. Run the other hand, then the rocket will explode and you die. When you begin the game again, you can select boom as the secret Crossy-road character Michael.
  • Gifty: If a holiday is, you can play with a chicken. You buy it simply for 0 Euro. Watch out for a Christmas tree, and then charges it to. He spits out gifts that need to collect your. Then die with the chicken, to then play with the secret Crossy-road character Gifty
  • Hipster Whale: The secret character in Crossy Road “Hipster whale” appears in a river, retain the cool water thus always in mind. Whehe appears, just jumping on him and heard the secret character in Crossy Road you.
  • Bugdroid (Android mascot): the new character in Crossy Road “Bugdroid” You can unlock the machine with 100 coins.

Unlock Achievements

  • Pack Rat: confirmed ten times the machine.
  • Hobbyists: Unlocks ten characters.
  • Tracks: Stay standing on the tracks six seconds.
  • Tunnel Vision: Attracts 85 trains forward without dying.


To date, there are no cheat codes for Crossy Road.

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