The future of Smartphones and mobile devices

The future of Smartphones and mobile devices

  1. The 5G

It could land in France in 2019. It is still too early to know the official rates. But in October 2014, Samsung smartphones and mobile phones reached a rate 30 times greater than the 4G-LTE! A movie could be downloaded in less than one second.

Meanwhile, transfer data 4G-LTE a smartphone to another will be possible by the end of 2016 with a new feature called “Device to device proximity services” (LTE D2D).

2. NFC

In recent years, shopping or pay to fly with his phone will be current. For now, mobile payment is still experimental in France. Many NFC-enabled smartphones (near field communication), a short-range link are available. But mobile payment does not pierce even in France. This may be the case with the apple pay system present on version 6 of the iPhone. This solution combines NFC and fingerprint sensor to simplify transactions.

3. Voice command

Talking to your smartphone is no longer shock in a few years. Popularized among the public by Apple and the function of the iPhone Siri, the voice command is now available on different phones with applications developed by third parties or phone manufacturers (S-Voice Samsung). Despite advances in artificial intelligence, it is not quite at the point (spelling mistakes, misunderstood words, verbs not granted …). Dictating long emails is not yet valid!

4. Biometrics

By becoming a mobile payment method, the smartphone will store very sensitive data such as those concerning bank details. The binomial username / password having long shown its limits, other authentication tracks are seen as the fingerprint. It is the most widely used biometric measurement in the world since the 60s Fifteen feature points (minutiae, codified in the late 1800s “features Galton”) located correctly identify a fingerprint from million.
But it is not perfect. Presented as a convenient and secure solution, digital authentication was quickly undermined by hackers. The fingerprint sensors Galaxy 5 and iPhone 5S were hacked a few days after their release by German researchers SR Labs …

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Deal of the Day: The all Year Sale Day


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Are discount coupons worth it?

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