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Astrology is an amazing body of Information passed down through numerous generations for literally centuries. Through several millennia’s astronomy the step and astrology the interpretation were one body of information. What started as a combination, together with the two sciences treated as one, continued until quite recently the past 300 years or so. Recent history reveals the physical sciences started their codification and separated by these elements of the origin that were more speculative in character. Astrology was commonly practiced in other scientific areas beyond the mere dimensions of astronomy also. A couple of examples should illustrate some of those broad applications.

Business Astrology

  • Astrology was a significant instrument for the medical profession and a physician who didn’t know astrology was believed to be lacking, perhaps unworthy of his name.
  • Mythology is the foundation of Humanity told as story and parable. Astrologers fully employed this mythological symbolism to illustrate their readings. Carl Jung, a modern day psychiatrist/psychologist believed that astrology was the psychology of the ancients.
  • Agriculture still depends upon Solar and lunar cycles. Almanacs from some of the first records depict the lunar cycle in some of the earliest human artifacts and cave drawings.
  • The kings and courts of Countries from all around the world relied upon their business astrology for counsel to their rulers and for the beginning and consequence of warfare. The astrological scholars of those days were anticipated to be right every time. That is particularly tricky to do unless your name is God. History illustrates that false counsel and mistake could, and did lead to death.

 Some cultures and countries revered their prophecies and predictions and others reviled them. Like any human endeavour or Clinic, astrology has waxed and waned in interest and is always subject to change and revision. What is acceptable for one nation, climate, environment, culture or philosophy may not be acceptable for another. By way of instance, what worked to get a waterfront culture may not work in the hills. Once upon a time these regional types were isolated to one location. Since the debut of world travel and the mixing of world cultures, these once different practices are merged. Over time, there was a sorting and triaging of dimensions, techniques and interpretations which has developed.